Classes and Workshops


Where Will I Live Next Year?

This workshop series has been developed to help students decide if they should live on or off campus next year! Both offer great benefits! Renting can be a intimidating process. Leasing a property is a legally binding contract that can affect credit scores, records, and more. Finding a quality place with a fair lease can be a daunting process. Also, there are many ordinances in place in the city that if not understood, can create an un-idealistic semester for students. All these processes will be laid out and explained by the experts. By participating in this workshops series, students will come away with knowledge and resources to make finding a place--and living in that place--a much easier process.

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Roommate Round-Up 

Are you looking for a place to live or someone to live with? Come check out our Roommate Roundup for a chance to meet potential roommates. Roommate Roundup is a time to meet people, gather information, and interview participants to find your perfect roommate match!

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Homebuyers Class (HBC)

Thinking about buying your first home and don’t know where to begin? Tired of paying rent? Learn how to buy a house!

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