Off-Campus Life


Involvement & Education

Community Building Programs

CSUnity (April, annually)
This is a one-day event involving hundreds of CSU students doing volunteer projects in the Fort Collins community. Projects include work at local non-profit agencies and for-profit service agencies, park and trail clean-ups, and yardwork for neighbors in need. The Neighborhood Services Office and Off-Campus Life work with neighbors to line up projects within the neighborhoods, while SLiCE organizes student volunteers. CSUnity is a mutually beneficial, feel-good event at which students can experience personal fulfillment while assisting neighborhoods and agencies in need.
Neighborhood Dialogues (Fall & Spring Semesters)

The Community Liaison will organize neighborhood dialogues between student and non-student residents throughout the Fort Collins community. The dialogues will take place in both the fall and spring semesters. In addition to exploring stereotypes and common misconceptions, these dialogues will encourage participants to search for common ground and work towards increasing tolerance and acceptance. The dialogue series will provide the opportunity for students and non-student residents to open the doors to positive communication and possible brainstorming solutions.

Educational Programs

Duh Campaign (ongoing)

This is an advertising campaign geared at creating awareness around neighborly behavior. The Duh Campaign was developed in 2000 out of the neighborhood taskforce that was charged with offering strategies that addressed the increasing problems in neighborhoods near campus that were heavily rentals. In the year 2005, the ads were revisited and modified to fit today's pop culture, and again in 2009. The campaign contains four (4) separate ads, each addressing a different neighborhood issue: noise/music, parties, parking, and public urination. Posters and coasters were created out of ads and are posted around the CSU campus and within the Fort Collins community (including local bars and restaurants and with our Party Packs).

Party Partners (ongoing)

Party Partners is a workshop that serves as an educational referral for students that have received noise violations in Fort Collins. Party Partners is geared at educating students on their civic responsibilities, helping prevent problem behavior off campus, and helping students become true residents, instead of temporary visitors in the community. Party Partners is a collaborative effort between the City of Fort Collins Police Department, Neighborhood Services, CSU Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services, and CSU Off-Campus Life.

Residence Hall Presentations (annually)

Residence Hall Presentations take place in the spring and offer students who are planning to move off-campus for the first time an opportunity to get the information that they need with regard to their housing options, rights and responsibilities off-campus, and resources available to them as off-campus residents. Residence Hall Presentations are scheduled by each residence hall; check with your hall for upcoming events.