Off-Campus Life Sponsorship Packages

Our Housing Fair will take place February 5th, 2020. In addition, a new digital format of the Off-Campus Life Student Handbook will be available for students in December. This new format, available through desktop and mobile devices, will allow your business to have hyperlinked ads.  That’s even more exposure for your business!


This year's sponsorship packages give your business the opportunity for exposure to CSU students and parents, along with CSU faculty and staff, all year long. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive advertising in our Off-Campus Life Student Handbook, distributed digitally to over 7,000 CSU Freshmen in the fall and sent to over 20,000 parents
  • Secured early-bird booth location for the 2020 Housing Fair with various waived fees and inclusions
  • Business logo or name specially showcased in numerous housing fair promotions (ads, posts, tweets, etc.)
  • Year-round exposure of your business to CSU Students at various events and programs
  • Up to 25% savings overall!

Reaching thousands of people who rent in Fort Collins has never been easier! COMPARE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES HERE or click the button to see all the benefits for a specific package below.

Testimonials from Vendors

"In your own words, please tell us what the benefits were in attending the Housing Fair:"

“Get an idea of the market, what people are looking for, percentage that want close to campus vs. no need for that.” -- Housing Fair vendor
“Meeting the students and letting them know what we have to offer for their school year coming up/helps them and us out for renting.” -- Housing Fair vendor
“We have the opportunity to get face time with students to share our department’s information. This is a good time for us to encourage them to look for an apartment/house that is close to the transit system. We also encourage them to use other modes of alternative transportation to get around CSU and town – i.e. walking, biking, carpooling.” -- Housing Fair vendor
  • Average Annual Housing Fair Attendance - 2,000
  • The ONLY day each year that rental housing entities can be on campus and market directly to students.
  • Over 7,000 students and over 20,000 parents will receive an electronic copy of the Off-Campus Student Handbook.
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