Off-Campus Life


Roommate Roundup

Are you looking for a place to live or someone to live with? Come check out our Roommate Roundup for a chance to meet potential roommates. Roommate Roundup is a time to meet people, gather information, and interview participants to find your perfect roommate match!

 How Roommate Roundup Works
1. If you have a place to live, you should be wearing a GREEN nametags.
2. If you are looking for a place to live, you should be wearing a RED nametags.
3 .Look for people with the appropriate colored tag and begin talking about what you are looking for! Don’t be SHY!
4. Scratch paper and other helpful handouts are available up front. 


Click here to see upcoming dates, times and locations!

For more information and tips on how to create a great roommate relationship click here for The Art of Roommating